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List of Services by Hazel Window Cleaners

  • Solar Panels


    Solar Panels are becoming more and more popular in the North East of England, and for a very good reason.

  • Driveway

    and Paths Cleaning

    Are you sick of looking at your driveway and only being able to concentrate on how dirty and grimy it is?

  • Paint Work

    and Upvc Cleaning

    UPVC Cleaning services are very important in the modern property world, as it’s a substance that can get dirty very quickly.

  • Signs


    Advertisements on signs is an extremely competitive place to live for businesses and organisations.

  • Guttering


    Are you looking for professional Gutter Cleaning in the North East of England including Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Sunderland, Gateshead, Cleveland, Middleborough, Hartlepool and more?

  • Conservatory


    Providing clean and distinguished Conservatory Cleaning Services in the North East of England, Hazel Window Cleaners works to make sure that your home conservatory looks as fresh as ever.

  • Pressure


    Having provided high-end Pressure Washing services in the North East of England and beyond for over 15 years, Hazel Window Cleaners has forged a strong relationship with

  • Cladding

    The Exterior Cladding

    The exterior cladding of your building will help keep it safe and retain heat for many years to come, as it offers a huge level of durability and resistance to the elements. However

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